Material handling equipment

Main advantages

Our diverse models and types of pallet trucks provide the most suitable solution for your specific needs. If you need to transport large quantities of goods and heavy loads over short distances every day, the advantages of our manually operated pallet trucks are clearly visible. Thanks to their high load capacity and easy maneuverability, they are ideal assistants in the warehouse.

If the goods to be transported cannot be lifted and transported so easily and there is no need to lift them to a great height, we recommend using our electric pallet trucks, which will significantly facilitate transportation in warehouses and logistics premises. If loads need to be lifted to great heights - our manual, electric and semi-electric pallet stackers are a suitable alternative.

The high quality and design of FORK equipment allows any company or individual to facilitate and improve the operation of their warehouse and optimize their costs and work structure. New technologies in the production process and in the design of technical units give our products superiority in the market by combining quality and great price in one whole.


The high quality of equipment provides customers with a strong product, which provides an opportunity for every company and business owner to increase their production and sales volumes.

New technologies in the production line and in the design of technical units make our products leaders in the market by combining quality and great price in one whole.

All Spare parts in 48h

All spare parts are available anywhere in Europe within 48 hours from ordering

Core values ​​of FORK

High quality machines

Excellent customer service

Availability of technical maintenance and repair service immediately

Advanced technologies in every detail

A strong team providing excellent communication and service

Individual approach in every situation

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