Diesel Engine Forklift DK50DT

Adjusting range of fork (outside):

300-1340 mm

Battery voltage/capacity:

2×12/90 V/Ah


5000 kg

Front overhang:

555 mm

Front wheel tread:

1180 mm

Fuel tank capacity:

90 L

Load center:

500 mm

Max.lifting speed, loaded/unloaded:

460/500 mm/s

Max.traveling speed, loaded/unloaded:

21/24 km/h

Min.ground clearance (Frame/Mast):

215/170 mm

Number of gear (front/rear):


Overall length (with fork):

4309 mm

Overall width:

1480 mm

Overhead guard height:

2250 mm

Rear overhang:

585 mm

Rear wheel tread:

1190 mm

STD Fork size (L5*W*T):

1070×150×55 mm

STD Max height (with backrest):

4708 mm

STD Max lifting height:

3000 mm

STD operating weight (with oil & water):

7100 kg

Tires size, front:

8.25-15-14PR mm

Tires size, rear:

7.00-12-12PR mm

Tires type:


Turning radius:

2900 mm


2100 mm

FORK diesel forklifts are based on advanced technologies, performing a comprehensive upgrade in exterior design, green course and improvement of energy efficiency, safety and equipment reliability, comfort and convenience. Over time, forklifts have greatly improved their overall performance to meet all your needs and wants.

Safety and reliability
Forklift trucks have optimized cab layout design, reduced front overhang, lowered center of gravity and improved stability of the entire truck. The specially designed mast provides good visibility and significantly expands the driver's front view, thus ensuring safe and agile handling and loading of goods. FORK forklifts are equipped with an overload emergency switch that meets European safety standards. Waterproof plugs, wires and connectors are used in the main parts, which improve the degree of protection of the electrical system against external conditions.

Comfort and convenience
The standard seat with adjustable backrest has an ergonomic design. The chair is equipped with a special anti-slip material that ensures a more comfortable driving and sitting position. The newly developed large-screen LED information panel provides information to the loader driver about the main technical parameters of the machine. Modern technologies and technical solutions ensure quiet engine operation, which makes work more convenient and pleasant.

Good Heat Dissipation
Cooling system is reasonable optimizaed, which improves cooling performance significantly.Thus improving reliability and durability of key components such as gearbox and engine.

Lowering Energy Consumption
Optimized design of load sensing hydraulic system reduces vehicle fuel consumption Effectively.

Operating Comfort
Adopted interactive ergonomic design to improve operating comfort. Equipped with wide field of view mast to improve driver's field of view.

Intelligent Reversing
Electro-hydraulic Reversing System. Easy to operate and labor-saving. Upgrade new intelligent shift system, prevent the second gear starting, ensure reliability of gearbox.

Convenient Maintenance
Interior space of car body is more spacious Parts Positions are more reasonable. Opening angle of hood is increased to 80°. Maintainability of machine is better.

High Reliability
Strength of the core structural parts of car body, mast and hood has been enhanced greatly to make whole vehicle more solid.

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