Electric Forklift EKM16 (monowheel)

Adjusting range of fork (outside):

200-970 mm

Battery voltage/capacity:

48/600 V/Ah


1600 kg

Front overhang:

365 mm

Front wheel tread:

910 mm

Lifting motor:

11 kW

Load center:

500 mm

Max.lifting speed, loaded/unloaded:

300/440 mm/s

Overall length (with fork):

2875 mm

Overall width:

1060 mm

Overhead guard height:

2044 mm

Rear overhang:

190 mm

Rear wheel tread:

175 mm

STD Fork size (L5*W*T):

920×100×35 mm

STD Max height (with backrest):

4028 mm

STD Max lifting height:

3000 mm

STD operating weight (with oil & water):

3180 kg

Tires size, front:

18×7-8 mm

Tires size, rear:

15×4.5-8 mm

Tires type:

Solid Tires

Top speed:

13.5/13.5 km/h

Traveling motor:

5.4×2 kW

Turning radius:

1590 mm


1400 mm

Advanced AC dual drive motor, which can produce strong traction and power.

Ultra-small turning radius, improve passability and space utilization.

Regenerative braking function, prolong effective using time of battery.

Intelligent LCD, can display the fault code, improve the maintenance efficiency.

Powerful AC pump motor provides greater torque, making lifting and dropping of forks more smooth.

Anti-skid function of ramp enables machine to slide smoothly and automatically on ramp.

Electric forklifts
Electric forklifts in the FORK range are a combination of new technology and high efficiency. Electric forklifts have low energy consumption, are easy to use indoors as well as outdoors. The compact design of the machine ensures a small turning radius and light weight with high maneuverability, which is perfect for narrow spaces or compact warehouses. The wide range of lifting heights provides the opportunity to find the most suitable equipment unit for everyone.

High efficiency
Front-wheel drive provides high power, driving speed, as well as increased lifting speed and high operational efficiency. The front wheels are equipped with rubber tires, the tread of which ensures the lifter's ability to move even on slippery surfaces. The electric lift is equipped with energy-saving and durable LED lights

The excellent ergonomic design and large space in the operator's cabin provide the operator with comfortable working conditions, which enable the employee to perform the necessary work with better quality and efficiency. Electric power steering makes driving the loader easier and more comfortable, which reduces labor intensity. The easy adjustment of the seat makes it possible for several operators to control the forklift.

Forklifts have an optimized cab layout design, reduced front overhang, lowered center of gravity and improved stability of the entire forklift. The specially designed mast provides good visibility and significantly expands the driver's front view, thus ensuring safe and agile handling and loading of goods. FORK forklifts are equipped with a loading emergency switch that meets European safety standards.

Attractive Appearance
Vehicle appearance is designed by professional industrial design methods. Artistic and Strengthful.

Strong Stability
Battery is sinking designed to ensure vehicle stability. Integral type axle & gear box and short front overhang improve vehicle longitudinal stability. Overhead rear axle improves vehicle lateral stability.

Operating Comfort
Short diameter steering wheel and right-hand joysticks reduce operator's arm fatigue. Sinking designed tilting cylinders increase operator's foot space and safety. Spines tooth type hand brake conforms the motion of arm. Comfortable control.

Energy Efficiency
Transmission system and electric motor are professional matching designed. Battery life is prolonged by 30 minutes. Automatic turning slowdown function is optional. Equipped with LED light, energy and efficient.

Lateral pull battery is optional. Adapt to different working environment.

Convenient Maintenance
Special locking structure and side panel structure designed makes battery maintenance very convenient.

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