EPR Heavy Duty Rider Pallet Truck EPR40


4000 kg

Fork length:

1150 mm

Fork width:

185 mm

Lifting motor:

2.2 kW

Lowered height of fork:

85 mm

Max. fork lifting height:

200 mm

Operator type:


Overall length:

2400 mm

Overall width:

800 mm

Size of loading wheel (single wheel):

80 mm

Size of steering wheel:

230 mm

Traveling motor:

2.2 kW

Turning radius:

1720 mm


24 V


785 kg

FORK pallet trucks are available in a wide range of types and specifications. Pallet trucks can be divided into two large groups - hand or manual and electric pallet trucks. Pallet trucks are made of high-quality raw materials, which ensure a long service life of each equipment unit and low maintenance costs.

Automated production of pallet trucks ensures high quality in every detail. The progressive and modern technologies used in the production process make FORK pallet trucks reliable assistants for all of their users.

Pallet trolleys are one of the most popular pallet handling solutions in the world, a simple but versatile way to move, organize and place goods in your warehouse. The ergonomic design of the pallet trolley gives you the opportunity to efficiently move very heavy and large objects with less physical effort and lowers the need of large human resources.

FORK electric pallet trucks are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, the electric pallet truck is an electric pallet truck system that helps warehouse workers lift and move pallets without using human physical strength. A lithium-ion battery powers the lift and travel mechanisms.

Lithium-ion batteries are a modern battery technology that offers many advantages over their predecessors, lead-acid batteries. One of the main advantages of FORK pallet truck lithium-ion batteries is 3x longer service life, lower weight and easier maintenance of the device.

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