Electric Reach Truck AMG10-DRZ


1000 kg

Driving wheel:

230x110 mm

Fork dimensions:

920/100/35 mm

Front overhang:

130 mm

Height of mast open:

3925 mm

Lifting height:

3000 mm

Lifting motor:

2 kW

Load center:

500 mm

Loading wheel:

210x85 mm

Lowering speed, loaded/unloaded:

210/190 mm/s

Max.lifting speed, loaded/unloaded:

110/160 mm/s

Operator type:


Overall length:

1864 mm

Overall width:

1000 mm

Overhead guard height:

2250 mm

Stable wheel size:

180x76 mm

Top speed:

6/7 km/h

Traveling motor:

1.5 kW

Turning radius:

1394 mm

Tyres front/rear:

2/1 x+2 mm


1750 kg

Wheel material:



1170 mm

Electric forklifts in the FORK range are a combination of new technology and high efficiency. Electric forklifts have low energy consumption, are easy to use indoors as well as outdoors. The compact design of the machine ensures a small turning radius and light weight with high maneuverability, which is perfect for narrow spaces or compact warehouses. The wide range of lifting heights provides the opportunity to find the most suitable equipment unit for everyone.

Thanks to the low center of gravity achieved by the battery placement and the arrangement of the heaviest parts at the bottom of the vehicle, electric forklifts are endowed with excellent stability.

High efficiency
Front-wheel drive provides high power, driving speed, as well as increased lifting speed and high operational efficiency. The front wheels are equipped with rubber tires, the tread of which ensures the lifter's ability to move even on slippery surfaces. The electric lift is equipped with energy-saving and durable LED lights

The excellent ergonomic design and large space in the operator's cabin provide the operator with comfortable working conditions, which enable the employee to perform the necessary work with better quality and efficiency. Electric power steering makes driving the loader easier and more comfortable, which reduces labor intensity. The easy adjustment of the seat makes it possible for several operators to control the forklift.

Ergonomic design: with convenient operating lever, multi-functional intelligent dashboard and wheel display function, easier and more comfortable for operation. Adjustable seat forward and backward provides the most comfort- able operation environment for operators.
The new large screen LED instrument has the functions of power display, timing and fault diagnosis, human-computer interactive interface, simple and easy to understand, excellent visibility, beautiful and generous, and direct reading. The wide field of view portal frame design is adopted in the whole system, which can not block the line of sight easily, and provides an open field of vision for operators.

High surplus performance mast: High precision mast cannot load loss under 6000MM,excellent performance at ultra-high load capacity. Strong endurance: full AC system design, AC brushless motor, with high efficien- cy and energy saving, to meet a number of heavy working conditions operating requirements.
High operational comfort: equipped with electronic steering, make steering more labor-saving, reduce fatigue strength, improve efficiency.

Full-wheel braking: equipped with front-rear wheel braking, better braking effect, can be used on wet and icing ground, operators work safer; The new imported CURTIS controller is advanced, excellent and reliable.

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