Manual Drum Stacker MMG05-16


500 kg

Fork length:

1150 mm

Lifting height:

1600 mm

FORK series of forklifts and pallet trucks are available in a wide range of types and specifications. FORK manual, semi-electric and electric stackers/lifters are based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, reasonable construction, outstanding performance, excellent quality and long service life. The equipment offered by FORK provides diverse and high-quality services and provides a good experience with the comprehensive service system.

The FORK stacker series includes several types: manual, semi-electric and electric pallet stackers. FORK stackers have the following advantages: well-selected materials, functional design, stable performance, excellent quality and reasonable price. FORK is a professional service team that provides customers with high-quality pallet trucks and quality forklift services.

The main advantages of FORK manual stackers:
      -Ergonomic handle design, easy steering, comfortable operation
      -High quality wheels
      -Easy-to-operate design that allows the user to use the equipment as a convenient assistant in every warehouse
      -Ergonomics in every detail
      -High strength steel construction
      -A combination of quality and good price
      -An economical option for a small business or an individual with a small warehouse

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